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Ozone: One of nature's best disinfectants

Ozone is a gas containing molecules composed of three oxygen atoms (O3 ). It is created when high energy (high voltage electricity or UV light) strikes an Oxygen molecule (O2), which splits the O2  into free Oxygen atoms. These free Oxygen atoms collide and bind to nearby O2 molecules, creating Ozone


How does it work?

That third Oxygen atom makes Ozone a highly reactive molecule. It is one of the most powerful known oxidizing agents - with nearly twice the oxidation potential as chlorine. What this means is that it is extremely effective at destroying most pathogens by attaching to them and pulling them apart. Since it is a gas, it is able to permeate nearly everywhere inside a vehicle - killing pathogens not only on surfaces, but in fabrics, cushions, and the air itself.

Does it kill the Coronavirus?

While the novel Coronavirus that causes Covid-19 is still not fully understood, previous studies have shown that Ozone is easily kills the very similar SARS virus.

It also kills many other viruses, bacteria, mold, and is an extremely effective deodorizer.

Is it safe?

Ozone gas can be can be harmful to humans if inhaled, however the same quality that makes Ozone such a powerful disinfectant also makes it highly unstable. Ozone breaks down into breathable Oxygen (O2) within just a few minutes of generation. For most pathogens, no more than 20-30 minutes of contact time is required for disinfection.

To protect our employees and customers, all of our services include disinfection of vehicle "hotspots" before & after working on your vehicle. Hotspots include the steering wheel, door pulls & handles, shift knob, key, and any other areas we may need to come in contact with during your wash or detail. 

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